Yeah right... choose?

You think I can choose? Impossible! It definitely can't be done.

Perhaps choose yellow as in daffodils, or the gold of summer sun?
The silver-green of sage, or the bright green of grass and trees?

Azure blue sky, sapphire blue ocean, or cobalt blue of seas?

Passionate purples and lavenders make violets, plums, and wines.
With peaches, oranges, and tangerines the evening sunset shines.

And you think I can choose a favorite from this banquet color fest?
Pick from all these colors and say, "This is the one I like the best?"

Choose rough brown of a tree trunk or the deep rich brown of earth?
Or the solemn black of a starless sky when night again has birth?

Scarlet flowers in crimson hue, or blood-red of a perfect rose?
Burgundy, cherry, ruby red. How about one of those?

White of cloud or the silver-white of flying lightning cracks?
Illuminating mountains somber gray with taupe upon their backs.

Chocolate rocks, light and dark; the beige and tan of sand.
Bronze and copper lending light to the russet of the land.

Why oh why have you set this task? Quite impossible to do!
Each one seems to be my favorite when I have them in my view.

The idea is simply ridiculous and I wonder how you think.
So, now hush. Herald the rosy blush of dawn.

Oh wait... I choose pink.