wonder at summer

Lush greens are the grasses.
Yellow blue is the sky.
Golden sun blazes in the firmament.
Earth burgeoning a banquet,
Prolific with life-giving crops.
Abundance in each fertile field.
Livestock graze on the green gift of Earth.

Manicured lawns gleam, glowing
In the crystal spray of oscillating sprinklers.
Children play in the streets and dive in the pools,
Sunburned and brown, basking in summer,
Barefoot and sticky with
Melting ice cream
And runaway ice pops
Oozing liquid sugar down their arms.

The soft black of night sky
Decreases the temperature
Respite from the fire of day.
Accompanied with ancient songs
Heralded by crickets
Appear the singular shining
and silver of stars
Where Scorpius, Sagittarius,
Lyra, Corona Borealis
Decorate and dominate the night sky.
Assuring and announcing
Once again
The glory of summer
Is here.