World-renowned was the chef who baked the cake.
It was a masterpiece divine.

The pieces were placed on perfect pink plates,
as excited girls waited in line.

Each chose their piece of magnificent cake,
then sat daintily down to eat.

First bite was exquisite! The little girl
had never experienced such a treat!

She was in heaven, savoring each bite,
dining happily with the rest.

Then, with raised eyebrows, one frilly girl smirked,
"Ha! My piece is by far the best!"

Shocked, she stared at the lovely piece of cake
on the plate the haughty girl had.

Then, rushed from the table believing it true!
Oh, she felt so very bad!

To another room she fled out of breath.
The furthest corner she did seek.

There she collapsed in sobs all by herself.
Uncontrollably did she weep.

"Now, now, what's this?" echoed a kindly voice
from the other side of the room.

"What has happened at a birthday party
to bring about such awful gloom?"

Heaving sobs, the sad little girl described
the story of her wretched plight.

The lady, at first smiled as she listened.
Then, she laughed with all of her might.

Tears stopped, and the sorrowing child stared
dismayed, with mournfully puzzled eyes

She was sincerely sad; yes, rightfully grieved,
Couldn't this lady realize?

With twinkling eyes, laughter turned to a smile.
Then, she took the little girl's hand.

"My dear, you know the chef who baked that cake
is absolutely very grand?

Every piece was cut from the selfsame cake.
They are all the same, you must know.

Because someone claims theirs better or best,
certainly doesn't make it so.

You had a choice when she declared hers best,
an opportunity, if you would,

To say she can think whatever she wants,
but you know yours is just as good.

Crying and sighing over someone's words?
Yes, that is a choice you can make

But to laugh and know it's not true?
That's an option you can also take!

You have the choice, my dear. You're the one
to know there is no superior

For the Great Chef who baked this perfect cake
created none of it inferior."