who cares kamaili?

The above are words of wisdom, and when they're accepted with an open heart, they change your world.  They are an invitation to let go of the drama, be at peace, and just let the world be "as it is."

Kamaili is my daughter-in-law who recently told me how GREAT my son is in dealing with her. Okay, I had to hear this one, and she explained that when she goes to him and tells him a current little drama, his reaction is always, "Who cares, Kamaili?" She will explain further, going into more detail, and he responds more emphatically:


At this point, she told me that she thinks to herself, "Why am I caring about this.  This is no big deal.  I don't have to get upset at this," and she considers her husband a WISE GEM.  I don't think she realizes how WISE she herself is, because many women would get hurt and upset at a husband saying that to them.  This girl instead chooses to let whatever it is GO, she laughs it off and chooses to be at peace.

To me, that's evolutionary!  The ego has to hate it, but it is absolutely a story that still makes me smile.