whipsers from the heart

Her heart, it was broken, and she wandered in woe.
How he could have betrayed her, she never would know!
She went over the story, each heart-wrenching detail.
The tears would be flowing, each time, without fail.

This wasn't the first time she'd been bitterly hurt.
Life had knocked her down, rubbed her face in the dirt.
Narrowly, she viewed each being with suspicion
Finding these traitors seemed all about her mission.

And she found them for sure! They were blatantly there.
Big-time losers and creeps showed up everywhere.
She tried to have hope she would meet someone new,
Some wonderful person, the greatest guy, who

Would appreciate and care for her beaten heart,
And happy together they could make a new start.
But each relationship would screech to a halt
They would call her crazy and make it her fault.

After battles and fights, they would walk out the door.
Again, she was betrayed, abandoned once more.
In a dismal abyss, the dregs of despair,
From the bottom of the pit, she offered a prayer

For escape from this miserable place of strife,
From the repeating pattern she had in her life.
The answer came calmly through a small inner voice
Realization flooding that it was her own choice.

She was the one doing it, and always had been
She could look in the mirror, see time and again
How she set it all up, carefully choosing
New situations guaranteed she would be losing.

Pretending to hope, she'd orchestrate it again.
Would locate another lead player and when
His disloyalty surfaced as she knew it would,
Be distraught and dramatic as only she could.

This profound realization inundated her soul.
She was seeking happiness! That was her goal.
There would never be a person, place, or thing
Responsible for making her heart happily sing.

True happiness had to come from herself.
It was only up to her and not someone else.
Thirsty and parched, she could wander around,
But the water she sought could only be found

In the well-spring of light and love in her heart
She could be happy the day she would start
To claim her own power and go deeply within
For no other way would she be able to win

The peaceful, love-filled life she wanted for sure.
Only she had the option to open the door,
And change the old patterns and live life anew;
Which was truly that which she desired to do.

She changed her perception, looked inward with love.
She was able to do so with help from above,
Which she found within where it always had been,
The power to change and begin over again.

She left the old battles, old patterns, and ways.
Resolved she would never go back to those days.
And she did it! She accomplished her goal,
And found herself happy, her new life aglow

With a self-satisfaction and love that she let
Be felt by every person that she now met.
Being awake, she sincerely managed each day
To be happy this moment and live a new way.

No more a victim, she walked fully aware,
Handling each situation, eyes open with care.
Finding herself able to consciously live,
She now had true love and caring to give.