The Future

Right here, right now,
With all my heart,
I place my future in God’s hands,
Where it has always been.

This time I smile.
For even though the fact is,
My future has always been in God’s hands,
Now I let it be.

I do not worry,
I do not struggle,
I do not strive.
I walk in peace,
Knowing God holds my future in His hands
Knowing all is well in my world.

I have no burdens, no cares, nor concerns.
Anxiety touches me not.
I am surrounded by His grace,
Imbued with love and light,
Walking in a world of stability and security.

For I have surrendered my future
To God.
A future which is the extension of this moment,
In which there are no problems,
Being I am always in the eternal Present.

I have no burdens,
No worries
No concerns,
No cares.

Fear is a stranger I never entertain.
Regrets from the past
Do not exist.
Fear of the future
Does not touch me.
In peace and prosperity do I dwell,
For I am one with
Perfect Love Itself.