their love

“I believe in love,“
She said.
Against the odds,
She married him on the spot.
It was going to be a life of wedded bliss
They knew.
They could gaze into each other’s eyes interminably
Feeling a connection deep and true
They knew their love was ultimately divine.

Daily living!
Now those two words can be a hornet’s nest
Producing discontent
That can raise welts on the very best.

Yet, the two of them
Only smiled
Giving love to each sting
As soothing balm.
In joy did their days go by
In the conscious choice of bliss.

There were no big deals,
Just some deals
Daily life streamed by
As they held hands and
Each other’s hearts
In the highest of esteem

They walked their love and
Lived their lives
Creating a harmonious and happy dream.

For they knew
Their love was ultimately