the wages of sin

He sinned, or so he thought.
Of course, he did, for he'd been taught

Of what was right and what was wrong.
To the best, true church, did he belong.

In Christ's name they forgave him; yes, they did it,
They truly were righteous and proud to admit it.

He was nailed to a cross of thorny guilt,
Which their suffering forgiveness did not wilt.

He beat himself up, and he beat real hard.
And soon everything met with the same regard.

He saw the world full of the totally loathsome
All was bad and sinful, nothing was wholesome.

With bleak eyes he walked and darkly he saw,
Never grasping the concept that there was a law

Of eternal perspective that gave him the power
To see life as a sweet thing, hour by hour.

He was the beholder and he had the eye,
He saw just as he expected and never asked why.

He found what he looked for, nothing less, nothing more,
And grimly found sin; but there was always a door

He could open any instant and calmly walk through
O'er a bridge built to Heaven which would ever lead to

This moment, only this, where no problems exist.
The past could not get him. Now here was the twist.

It was just a mind thing, and always would be.
He totally had the power to set himself free;

To mindfully see with his own loving eyes,
And change his whole world if he would realize

It does not exist! No, the past, it does not!
It is gone forever, it is made only of thought.

Lay it down right here, and be done with it now
Walk only in love, and you will always know how.