the myth of the ego


The ego rules in insanity and it walks a lonely road.
Righteous, unique, special, refined, being the best is its mode.

To make you feel you're worthy, in the mighty name of self-worth
Ego's goal is to be better than all others on the Earth.

This is not possible, being we’re all one and are the same.
Glorious, timeless, eternal, is the home from whence we came.

When we shed the outer trappings, it's the home to which we go.
The ego ignores this fact and wants us to believe we are so

Much better than another, because we drive a pricey car,
And we look down upon our brother because of who we are.

Our title and our money make us superior to the rest.
A Ph.D. after our name guarantees we are the best.

Ingenuity has no limits in the way it multiplies
A myriad imagined reasons that ultimately give rise

To how special and elite we are, oh supercilious man,
And we substantiate it definitely in any way we can.

Our hair is blonder, our purse is Coach, we weigh the perfect weight
Rear ends emblazoned "Juicy," and our teeth are white and straight.

Our flag is best, our way is too, for them we'll kill to the end,
Unless we are good men of God, then it's Church we will defend.

Tattoos, haircuts, and piercings will make us special and unique.
We're a cut above the rest, proved by the status that we seek.

Powerful president, prime athlete, pretty cheerleader in a line,
Militant general, macho cowboy; Insane egos intertwine

To divide us on our lonely roads, keeping us prisoners to our past.
Critically, we compare and analyze right down to the last.

Egos thrive on judgment and attack, on pleasure and on pride.
Doing everything in their power to smother and to hide

The eternal fact there truly is no "better" one on earth.
We can stop if we choose, go into silence, and feel the worth

Of the glorious sum of all mankind that lives and ever has been.
We can feel kinship and affection in each beautiful soul when

Our eyes see no differences and only love for all we view;
We lay down judging them for their choices and what they do.

We stop, just stop, the critical "you should have" and "you should not,"
Unconditionally loving them and communicating what

We discover in deep silence, which is the truth of God's Son
There are no differences, united, we are connected, All One.

So, let them go, the narrow eyes, let only love light your gaze.
You have the power to make this choice,
Permanent peace in all your days.