the hymn

I wandered wordlessly into the wondrous gloom of a forest dark and deep.
Silence stirred a song within my soul, ousting thoughts I would never keep.

Shafts of silver sunlight illuminated quiet hollows here and there.
Fantastic ferns and flora adorned my footsteps along a pathway ever fair.

The rich and ruddy loam of forest floor arose in bouquet to scent my way.
Earth, enamored with oxygen, entered into my consciousness upon that day.

I walked with shifting shadows that sidled and edged along every side.
I welcomed them into my heart, securely each a friend who needn't hide

From the foreign creature that realized I was, indeed, at one with them.
Imbued, inebriated with the innocence of life, from silence came a hymn.

Established easily in the empathy that ascended from forest floor,
It met with mighty majesty, vast stillness of sky, and trees, and more.

Echoing its entreaty, enchanting in its magic, and eternal in its song,
Ancient aria of amity, bestowing hallowed illumination all lifelong.

Ordained with the oneness of the whole and the wholeness of the one,
There was no distinction between myself, friend shadow, earth, or sun.