the gamut of manhood

Chop off her head!
Stake her and watch her burn!
Keep her constrained and subservient!
The dripping gun is preeminent,
sovereign by self-proclaimed right.
Never acknowledging their innate fear
of this gentler, milder, intuitive being
that peoples their planet, guaranteeing their very survival.

Who says so?
Man, the male of the species, says so.
Miraculously, it is gospel.
Who wrote those "holy" books they quote as their exculpation?
Men and only men wrote them in the guise of sundry gods.
Men propound their hallowed precepts,
Fanatics with definite ideas to support their
bigotry, sexism, racism, bias,
discrimination, dogmatism, narrow-mindedness
injustice, unfairness, prejudices and intolerance.

Even now, there exists the unbelievably unthinkable!
Brutal, heartless, contemptuously cruel.
Sons and husbands heaving heavy stones
smashing her pinned, defenseless form
until she lies crushed, broken, lifeless.
Murder absolved by the man-made laws of the land.
The male in malevolent is the epitome of uncharitable,
Man reigning by hereditary right
despising the feminine force
which guarantees the continuity of life itself.
Masculine exemplifications of inhumane.
Atrocities perpetuated by men thrive in countries where
There are opposing regulations
one for the man and a totally different other for the woman.
He can do as he wishes,
She can only do as he dictates.
Man creates laws to keep this worrisome creature in her place,
exonerating themselves in the names of their gods
Laughably, they sometimes justify the disparity
in the name of kindness and thoughtfulness.
How good they are, to limit her basic, human rights!
Often raising their sons to be whore mongers,
Instilling contempt for females in general,
these psychotic, malicious, admitted male sluts
demand virgin purity of the women in their culture
and obedience to their totally arbitrary
unkind, unrighteous dominion

Some cultures regurgitate self-labeled macho males
maintaining their superiority in the name of bigger, stronger, better.
Those manly heroes disrespect, mock, deride, belittle, and suppress the feminine,
condoning brute force to preserve their whims in the name of their manliness.
Heaven save the planet from these poor products of ignorance.
There is no reasoning or rational compromises with them.
Like their counterparts in other male-dominated cultures,
they also have hereditary supremacy by right of their sex,
God having nothing to do with it.
Females are made to support whatever they wish to be supported in,
credible or not, no questions asked,
particularly the intelligent ones females perceptively present.
They receive no reasonable answers.
Women are simply there,
like the male's trusty jock strap,
expected to adjust themselves to the man's personal comfort,
and feel fortunate to be his required support system.

All accord homage to the genuine, pure man,
magnificent shining sun of humanity
who bears honor to their breed,
doing good to and for all life forces on the planet.
Evolutionary men whose kindness graces all they meet.
They are, in the highest and truest sense, men indeed.
They preserve the freedom and rights of all beings.
There is no discrimination in their hearts.
They walk in peace, gentle giants of goodness on Earth.
Some are outspoken, leaders, eloquent orators.
Others are unassuming, soft-spoken, calm and deep and quiet.
They each leave shining footprints,
a better world.
Reasonable, understanding, empathetic, concerned, gracious, thoughtful, tolerant,
compassionate, humanitarian, friendly, amiable, unselfish, cooperative, charitable, loving.
They are the epitome of their gender,
dignifying and glorifying humanity,
magnanimously man.