the devil made me do it

This is the "story" that was taught to me as a child in the religion I belonged to. It has variances, but basically is the same as in Christianity.

​ Son of the Morning, an angel of God,
Who beneficently had the wish in mind
To return to their Father and Home,
All who would be called mankind.

But when he desired to have his Father's
Glory and honor, he fell from grace!
Supercilious angel who howled that another
Was preferred to save the human race.

In fierce retribution and vengeance
For this outrageous Godly slight,
Satan accosted the host of heaven
And convinced one-third that he was right.

Billions of spirits were impassioned
By Lucifer's plea and argument!
Enough to give their all to fight with him
Against the great God Omnipotent.

With fire in his eyes, Michael the Archangel
Led Heaven against this mutinous foe.
God's forces waging war against Lucifer
In this Biblical, Heavenly War of Woe.

God's army surely triumphed! Great was the fall
Of Satan and his multitude who fell,
Being cast from Heaven to the Planet Earth,
Their goal was then to bring us all to Hell.

The devil and his heinous, howling,
Darkly loathsome motley crew!
Propounding evil with its sinuous dimensions
Was all they aspired to do.

Throughout the sad and violent pages
Of this species' brutal history,
The phrase, "the Devil made me do it,"
Explains it rather neatly.

He the scapegoat, he the monster,
Who claims credit for the evil mankind has conceived,
The bloody blame of each sordid choice
Goes to him! Or so we have believed.

And how those who quote the Bible
And speak Christ's name rejoice in the day
When Jesus Christ, God's Son of Love,
Will for the Second Time come our way!

In fire and vengeance will He appear
To burn and scourge the earth,
Destroying all but those chosen ones
Who will be left to dwell when Peace has birth.

Then will the Satan Beast and all his Evil Host
Be chained, kept for a thousand years.
While the chosen ones Christ saved
Will live in peace, unmolested by any fears.

The lamb will lie down with the lion,
Earth bloom in Christ's peaceful, perfect reign,
And for a thousand years, the Earth
Will rest until the day Satan escapes again.

As foretold by prophets o'er thousands of years,
A titanic clash will then take place,
God's side led by Christ, battling Lucifer
For ultimate power o'er the human race.

Then, the Devil and billions of his evil spirits
Will be cast into eternal torment!
The Bible says a lake of fire and brimstone
Is where they ultimately will be sent.

Some say possibly a "black hole,"
Sucked into oblivion, will be their fate.
Their destiny is decreed by God,
And eternal extermination is all they rate.

And in the name of Christ we preach it,
And in the name of Christ are we happy to say,
When we fight this last violent, vicious battle,
We will throw these evil spirits all away.

There will be no backward glances,
No pardon, no love, nor compassion,
The plan says totally annihilate them!
Only destruction will be their ration!

This founds Christians' concept of who they are,
Why they're here, and how it all will end.
Of course, it is perfectly reasonable!
This is God's plan we would defend!

And yet, in this deep and darkest superstition
We find a questioning that twists
Our wondering minds in this supposition
That this kind of God indeed exists.

Disturbing, twisting, writhing, do we scramble
To escape this paradox of evil versus light
Or good as we expound it!
Being God-inspired, it has to be honorable and right!

And yet, Omnipotence loses virtue
When one considers God could be choosing,
To conceive He made a plan with a war
He possibly has a chance of losing?

God's own creation could be his undoing?
Heaven's foundation threatens to be undone!
Heaven trembles at the concept
God could fall at the hand of this one son?

Twisted irony, sadness, deepest sorrow!
Oh how twisted is it all!
At the thought of the billions of
God's creations He has decreed to fall!

For this man-made Omnipotent Creator, God,
Whose glory and light shine from His face,
Has an unfortunate side of darkness,
Psychologically mirroring our human race.