she had her reasons

He was a hideous beast, black-hearted,
Though he appeared in form like a man.
A tyrant, he ruled the gnarled hearts he owned.
Domination controlled his evil plan.

Then came a day, she appeared in female form.
Haughty insolence was the gleam in her eye.
Her aim seemed to be to overpower him,
She would be the dark highest of the high.

She could take his place imperiously.
She guaranteed she was by far the best.
Scornfully, she derided his leadership
Mocking him in front of all the rest.

With contempt, she taunted him in every way
Even spoke derisively of his law.
When he stared in her eyes, she stared right back;
Not the slightest glimmer of fear he saw.

Her sneer was evil, her gaze was dirt-tough.
She undeniably didn't care.
She was sturdy and hard as cold steel.
Her arrogant eyes followed him everywhere.

She laughed in his face with a mocking gleam,
Ridiculing him with challenging hate.
Right then, he snarled and snapped in a fury.
His ultimate punishment would be her fate.

She would be the example for those who watched,
No more insubordination would he allow.
Her cold black heart would be his trophy to show,
Death she deserved; and he would do it…now!

His hand morphed grizzled; his eyes blazed with fire
As he thrust his fist deep in her chest.
Clenching her heart which quaked in his hand,
He ripped it in wrath from her breast.

Hideous and vile was his maniacal laugh.
He roared in triumph; cruel punishment done.
Heart held aloft dripping life down his arm,
Amusing victory!  He had won!

Astonished stares gave him pause to wonder,
Looking down, he heard a gentle sigh.
There was a smile on her face, guiltless and free,
As she lay flung at his feet to die.

With horror he lurched, appalled at the sight
Of the heart which he gripped in his hand.
For it dripped in red blood, a heart that was pure,
Not twisted, not under his command.

In fury he screamed and raved his last rage,
For the heart he had torn from her soul
Was as radiant as dazzling snow in the sun.
Howling, he grasped her sham’s lofty goal,

She'd destroyed his power, brought his demise
For bound by irrevocable law’s decree,
‘Twas his ripping the heart from an innocent breast,
Sole key to his tortured subjects set free.