resolving insanity

You are my world I love with all my heart

We have a relationship made in heaven


Walking whited sepulchers we’ve been called

A view I refuse to accept at all.

For the vault that harbors sheaves of memories

I have meticulously filed in order

Maintain the myriad ways you bring me down

Mocking with a taunt or tease to hurt me

How dare you when you realize what happens?

I fling into the ammunition files

To prove you are at fault, always to blame

I am adept at this insanity

Which sadly seeps hurt into all we know

For we are not alone in this drama

Are we?

That self-created toxic memory tomb

Always bids me return to exhume proof

Some more old data to establish guilt

And pin the liability on you

I pray for the help of kind holiness

May I shut down judgment’s thought process

Man-made, a god that judges and condemns

Which qualifies as that called blasphemy.

Even though that is no affront to god.

Ego judges what is good, what’s bad

Consistently and constantly, non-stop.

Never once having sane ability

The full picture not possible to see

So, give me grace to stop this forever

And allow my heart to rest in You, Pure Love.

Love seals the vault of my old sad memories

Love sees you shining praiseworthy and pure

In love, the tortured mind is gone away

And I walk like god seeing innocence

For love espies the lovely, only good.

You push my buttons…I respond with peace.