rationalization cannot change the way it is

ego's microscopic vision
effortlessly switches telescopic,
mind whirring,
analyzing, comparing, critiquing,
fervently finding the flaw,
systematically diving into drowning drama
disenchanted, disappointed, despairing, desperate
agitated, aggravated, annoyed, antagonized,
frustrated, offended, rankled, outraged.
ultimately betrayed by oneself and none else
though this the ego refuses to recognize.
the victim concept ingrained into the human psyche
diabolically defends the smoldering embers of injuries
ignited by anger in all its malignant manifestations.

It is impossible to pass the cup of hemlock to the other
without first imbibing oneself
the toxic effect directed to the other inescapably
poisons self first and foremost
rarely reaching the lips of the intended
often deadly in its ramifications when it does
judgment and attack breed abysmal fear within,
terror of being attacked.
peace cannot abide in this self-made toxic swamp.
thus, the cesspool continues seething
sired by ego itself, venomous and blighted.

Antidote neutralizes, creating crystalline purity.
Miracle, Love Itself
lived and practiced moment by moment
Remedy results in treating others as we would be treated,
Kindly, compassionately, reverently,
Loving all others as our self
For that which we give, we inexorably receive,
We cannot escape being tainted or pure,
for they are our thought creation.
The glass we offer another either
quenches or poisons, giver always first.
There is no other option.
The world we see but reflects our perception.
We project and find that which we seek
Holy and healed
Or fearful and corrupted.
Thus, we seal our story,
Choosing anger,
the root which spawns every negative emotion,
mildly irritated to murderous,
Or we choose and realize
the truth of who we are,
Living extensions of God's Love
merciful, magnificent in peace.