one wave

"I'm the best."
Announced the little wave
As it proudly rolled along.
Look at me,
I'm superior by far
To the other waves I view .
So many,
Yet I'm the very best
I truly know it's so.
It sped along, certainly special,
Before it dissolved
Into white frothy foam.

In knowingness the wave surged with a gigantic roar,
Colossal, huge,
Peerlessly paramount.
Oh my, I'm great, supremely incomparable to the rest.
With vast power it endured, gathering speed,
Immense, rumbling, uniquely prime,
Significant all on its own.
Grand finale was indeed pretentious,
Titanic wave,
Dispersed at the end.

A resplendent ripple now was born,
Luminescent liquid,
Delicate and alluring.
I'm the finest little ripple ever seen
I'm best at being beautiful and serene
Eventually it was
In silence quelled,
Simply finished.

Raising its' head,
On a significant search,
A seeking wave was born.
Mighty magnificent mountain,
Smooth energy in motion.
Billowing, receding,
Expanding again,
Inquiring through the sea
Ever questing for its God,
Life’s mighty ocean.
Delving for its source to the end.

At last, Home,
Finally fathoming
It Self
As all there ever was.