on and on

Most on the planet go through their stories in a self-made prison.

Mental bars constructed of hate, which is another word for judgement:

That good old, “You should,” “You should have,” “You should not have,” “I would have,” You could have,” and on and on.

Super sharp tongues dealing blows to bring the other to guilt, always wrong and always guilty.

We judge others for their sex, their life style, their sexual orientation, the color of their skin, their possessions, the choices they make, their weaknesses and strengths as we define them, their culture and beliefs, how they parent, whether they have children or not, the clothes they wear, and on and on.

Our opinions usually condemn, and we call them fact and are superior in our judgement calls.

We Love another and yet even they do not escape our judgmental hate.

For, aren’t we there to help them and point out each little or gigantic flaw we perceive?

Never catching on those flaws are deeply dug from our own perception, each one found by our own expectations of what is exactly there.

We always find what we are looking for, holding dear our judgement calls, calling them gospel truth.

We do experience a good amount of self-righteousness to be so helpful and perceptive in our unkindness.

It is our strong belief that our judgement is positively justifiable.

Often we make ourselves guilty and condemned.

Even we cannot escape the compulsory guilt as we judge ourselves mired in sin.

There is another choice, another way to live, escaping the mental cage and expanding into freedom and truth.

A way to live in peace, melting the self-made bars, magnifying joy each and every moment.

It is called The Golden Rule, or doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Loving, unconditionally loving.

Accepting the other as they are and loving them as we would be loved.

Letting the light of love shine and noticing only the good in the one we

supposedly love.

Allowing the light of love to shine within ourselves as well, noticing our own goodness.

Thus, in the deepest sense, we are truly loving.

What does it take to see this way?

The desire and heartfelt wish to do so.

We practice this loving living.

We notice any deviation from our choice and get back onto the loving path.

We practice and emulate loving human kindness.

We heal and we are healed.