my child

Eternity versus time.
How do we reconcile the two?
Is it possible for time to exist in the reality of eternity?
Or it is it merely a game we play
Making it up as we go along?

They are not opposites.
There is not time and eternity.
There is either time or eternity.

Which one will it be?
Are you the body that walks the earth
Captured by time?
Or are you the eternal light itself,
The essence of God,
An eternal being that plays in the body?

They did you no favor to say,
“You are that body, now behave in a certain way.”

Better they would have said,
“The truth is
that body is not
the truth of who you are.”

Better they would have taught,
You are playing in time
Pretending you are something you are not.

Better they would have shown you
Your power.
The power of your own mind
And that of thought.

Everything you seem to see on this earth
Was once somebody’s thoughts
Until they manifested,
And had their birth in space and time.

Including you,
A thought of God.

Better you had learned
You are a glorious being.
Which means
You cannot die.

The form you play in will be laid down,
But the life and the truth of that which you are
Exists eternally.

Better they taught
You are here to experience joy.
Happiness is yours.
It is there at your choice
You do not have to strive to prove yourself
Or how much you are worth.

You are loved as you are.
You are eternal love itself.

Choose love here and now.
Be love,
And you will see love.
You will find what you seek
Always in all ways.

When you learn this truth,
Then will you have been taught well.