magic mirror

The mirror was clearly magic, a lake shining on the wall.

She feared to look too closely, might be a snare to make one fall

Into its shimmering depths, sucked away, a deadly, fearsome thing.

But there in the quiet as she gazed, she knew she heard it sing.

A whisper of a song, promising pure treasure well worthwhile

Within the shining mirror's depths. So, with the faintest smile

And not a shred of hesitation, she slipped into the mirror.

Spiraling downward in its silvery depths, she was devoid of fear.

Her trust held true and turned the tide, streaming upward she did go

In blissful abandon, entrusting her essence to the flow.

Surprising joy and pleasure came, but pure freedom was the part

Which imbued clarity and opened her hitherto closed heart.

The lake within the mirror instilled transformation divine.

From within her golden choice did Self and Oneness intertwine.