little boy blue

"This world sucks!" he said, and he knew that it was true
Everything witnessed its "suckiness" to Little Boy Blue.

He had powerful binoculars by which to view the past,
Examining in minute detail, ensuring his bitterness would last.

He carefully could confirm it, his bigoted point of view,
Quote chapter and verse, the daily news, just to name a few.

A potent conspiracy existed, and the bureaucracy be damned!
With facts to defend his view, his negative head was crammed.

He never questioned his belief in that which he did find,
But kept a living hell forever stirring in his mind.

He banked the fire and watched it well, kept it smoldering for life,
Emotionally bankrupt and bereft, he hoarded only strife.

Then one fine day he left; he was dead gone, just like that!
Neighbors laughed and shook their heads, "Ain't fun where he’s at!"

But, our Little Boy Blue was still conscious Life and absolutely aware
Of the light ahead and the joy he felt as he flashed himself right there.

The game he played was over and here he was again,
Right back in Light and Love and Peace as It had always been.

God's Love was there and so was he, and once again he knew,
This Love surrounds him always and would ever see him through

Each lifetime, each experience, each opportunity he might choose
To maybe learn a lesson, but for sure he could never lose

The Love of God; for in very Truth, it was the Life of who he was,
And salvation was his forever; no worries and no cause

For concern or sorrow that Heaven was possible to not attain.
It was guaranteed, always there, and his life could never be in vain.

For salvation was God's gift to him. Love had made him free.
Salvation as the unavoidable is eternally Life's decree.