if he loves me

He’d never say an unkind word to me,

He’d be thoughtful of me unceasingly.

He’d never push buttons to make me mad,

Nor bring up old memories to make me sad.

He’d make a point to take me out each week

And listen intent on each word I speak.

He would help round the house and fix what I need,

And my birthday hopes, he’d always exceed.

When I lose it and get mad, as I do,

Only his calming, kind words would ensue.

And he would only see my best attributes.

For he honors and knows my deepest roots.

He would see I shine and am his best friend,

And we would walk a kind road to the end.

He’d not roll his eyes and stomp out the door,

But calmly listen; value our rapport.

I told him each item, what I desire

To know he loves me, that’s what I require.

He replied, “Well, I get it, nothing new.

Doesn’t seem to matter how much I do.

Look at your list; then you turn it around.

Treat me that way and true love would abound.”

My head was whirling; blink, blink went my eyes:

Meet in the middle; I treat him likewise?

Peace by peace, build a bridge back to lovers

True friends again, relation recovers.

Together we’ve been our own saboteurs

The fault’s not mine, neither is it yours.

We will drop all our faultfinding right now

Be true to each other, this we avow.

We’ll look only for good; the best we’ll find

For that’s how it works, that’s how it’s designed.

That we find what we’re looking for always

Good or bad; we are the ones who appraise

And so our story goes… lovely or not

Each action makes a difference in the plot

Write it glad, write it sad, vicious, or vile

We write it all, create our own lifestyle.