how sweet it is

Constricted silence lies leaden on the landscape.
Wind wishes to breathe, but frigidly cannot.
Stationary stream lies petrified in ice.
Can't even gasp for the freedom it has sought.

Immobile trees engrave the sky with stark limbs,
Black silhouettes in a background dark and grey.
Jack Frost skillfully has tethered Mother Nature.
Making himself frozen Lord of night and day.

A silvery ray of light escapes cold cloud hands.
Tenderly illuminating the frozen scenes.
Earth sensuously senses its' Father's presence;
Deeply aware of the hope and life He brings!

Tiny crack of sound, but silence reigns again.
Jack's icy fist clamps coldly in a frosty grip!
Minions of the sunny beams steal through the banks.
Jack's armor melts away in a drip, drip, drip!

A gulp and gurgle, the brook resolutely
Breaks from its' frozen prison! At last it is free!
Tumbling, racing, gathering power as it pours
O'er its' rocky pathway, heading home to the sea.

Earth exhales and a breeze is born and sailing,
Breathing life and welcome warmth as it passes.
Tiny green shoots tenaciously stretch sunward
Multiplying verdant and sweet green grasses.

Erupting through the fragrant soil, a plethora
Of audacious vegetation vies to contest
Which one can outrageously send gratitude
To its Creator, who in beauty made it best!

They smile in grace and nod their petaled heads,
Corollas of color that splash and display
Their magnificence in rainbow tints and hues
That adorn the landscape and decorate the day.

Trees above are now outfitted lushly green.
Lattice of leaves, spark and tango in the sun,
Casting shadow ballets on the earth below
As trees dance and sway, bowing one by one.

Streams cascade and babble bright brook tunes.
Birds chirp continuous choruses of song.
Wind flows and rustles leaves and trees,
Orchestrating wind music all day long.

Altogether they create nature's harmony.
In melodious symphony they collectively sing.
Joyous, Mother Earth sighs in gentle gratitude for
Once again experiencing the miracle of Spring!