How simple is salvation

“You are needed for the salvation of the world.”

With a shake of your head, you roll your eyes and look away.

“Alright, I won’t make it so broad. How about this?

You are needed for the salvation of your brother.”

“My brother? Oh yeah? And who might that be?

No, wait! I can already predict you are going to say my brother is everyone.”

“Technically, that’s true, as true as it can be.”

“I knew it! So, I’m not responsible for the salvation of the world, just my brothers,

who happen to be everyone in the world.

I thought you were going to narrow this down!”

“Start with those you live with and love them.”

“I do! I absolutely do! So, you’re saying all I have to do to offer them salvation is to love them?”

“You got it. But, keep in mind,

Love is innocent,
Love never attacks and makes another guilty and condemned.
Love holds out its hand, knowing all are worthy of its kind forgiveness, brushing errors lightly away with the sweet breath of understanding and a gentle laugh.
Love gives trust and grace to him as you would have it given to yourself.
What some call evil does not affect love.
Love’s pardon and peace distill faith in him who walks with you.

Know that what you see is what you expect to see, for it is your perception that makes it so.
There are only two choices: you either look through the eyes of love or fear.
Insanity bids you look upon the brother you “love” through narrow eyes that fear.

Keep in mind, what you see is what you hold dear and deeply wish to see.
You have the choice to leave your self-made prison, escaping the bars of fear you have carefully built.

Turn to love and let the light of love shine only on all the good and goodness in your brother.
You will find your brother and yourself are one.
Would you join with this one you supposedly love, or would you remain separate, aloof, and apart?

When you go within the stillness, in the vastness of conscious awareness, great holiness is found, the truth of who you are.
Then will your gaze look out upon the world expecting to see this same holiness in everyone you look upon, and you will find the holiness you are seeking.

What does it take to see this way? Simply the wish to do so.
This perception is basically your choice.

You are the one who chooses to either look with love or in fear.

It is that simple.

This is the truth of love.
Thus, you bring the gift of salvation, the gift of purest love,

to your brother and yourself.