his own chosen path

The following poem was inspired by one of my sons, the one I sometimes call Blue. Thus, the blue eyes.  


Hippety, hippety, hippety hop
He loped down his own living path,
eyes shining,
as he hippety hippety hopped.

He found scorners that
rebuked and reproached him,
informing him
hoppety hop was the way to go.

Those in the know
would almost convince him,
creating many a puzzled pause.
Then, feeling for him this was the way
he’d again pursue his path,

hippety hippety hop.

You have to get it right and do it well!
Hoppety  hop is proven and true!
If you would succeed and success is your goal,
hoppety hop is the thing you must do.

Bewilderment, doubt, low self-esteem
all scrambled, invading his head.
Panting, he crawled under a low-lying bush
down deep in a hole where he
cried for an answer from anywhere,
imploring a solution from dim, earthy air.

he wept luminous tears
flowing from eyes of innocent blue.
Born in stillness it came,
a voice to his heart
illuminating  that Love
is always the source of You.
Love does not prefer,
infinitely has no conditions
nor hopping expectations.
Never judges,
never condemns.

Too good to be true?

What could be truer
than this God called Love,
always the Source of You?

Now he hippety, hippety hops on his way
eyes shining, lit from within.
He gives love to all,
condemns no one,
opinions are opinions,
not sin.

He holds himself in highest esteem
giving the same to the hoppety hoppers.

Hippety, hippety, hippety hop,
he goes his own chosen way.

I recommend Jiddu Krishnamurti as an inspirational and loving author to read.  He was a peaceful man who gave up leadership in a world-wide organization called The Order of the Star in the East to follow his own spiritual path.  He is an example of a person who followed his own chosen way, giving up monies and properties and adulation by his followers. He did not establish a religion, but his deep and profound thinking was able to help many with his fresh insights into the human mind.

Peace Now is a Choice
May we all honor the goodness and the godliness of every soul we
​encounter on this brief journey, and find joy in each moment.