form of garbage

We went for a ride, just my love and I

Trying to be close, I really did try.

I saw markets and streets, dirty and clean,

Then to my eyes came a repugnant scene.

A person clawing through a garbage heap

Tortured were his eyes, and the stench was deep

I disdainfully gave him my pity

Fool! How could he do such atrocity?

Basking smugly, I was not inferior

Above such sordidness, way superior!

I spoke my mind, and you didn’t agree,

Which opened floodgates of venom from me.

How could you defend that poor piece of trash?

“How dare you!” I said, and then I rehashed

Your foibles, your flaws, quirks that annoy me

If it’s my viewpoint, then you should agree!

I’ve horded ammunition from the past

Keeping poison flowing, nailing hurts fast.

I claw through seething garbage of my mind

Proving you guilty and wrong, simple to find.

For it’s all there, waiting for my command

No matter what, I have the upper hand!

You look at me with questioning eyes, quite deep.

I realize I’m in my own garbage heap.

Years of misery and slights tended by me;

Rubbish, swill, refuse, I dive into see.

Yes, there’s a garden I could also choose

Sterling beauty, quiet peace; I could lose

This choice of wretchedness and pain

Closeout my dealing guilt, and joy attain.

Seeing your innocence and purity,

Finding these attributes mirrored in me.

Projection makes perception, always true.

Loving me can choose to be loving you.