don't "should" on your life, you may if you wish, but why?

There was a certain situation that ended rather badly
in his personal estimation.

From time to time he would redo it, letting it end otherwise
in his fixated imagination.

Each foray overwhelming in pain, hurt always the end result:
Sorrowful, self-recrimination

If he had done this, hadn't done that, how different it would be,
Allowing no alleviation

From his self-inflicted tortuous, journeys into misery.
Self-imprisoned in misinformation.

Thinking somehow it's beneficial or punishment is deserved.
Not a correct determination.

It's ended, over, totally done, the outcome cannot be changed,
Acceptance brings sanctification.

Pure light at the end of dark tunnel, when he makes the choice to see
Torment takes his authorization.

Gentle knowing that he did his best, forgiving and letting go,
Freedom in this re-evaluation.

Trusting in the love that created himself, each atom, all things,
In joy he finds God's harmonization.