Sing a song of blue! Glorious, blue stands on its own.
Immense and spacious, blue provides dazzling sun its home.

Birds take wing and soar in flight on a sapphire sky of blue.
Various greens of every tree have blue their backdrop too.

Some birds are blue in singular shades, and even butterflies
Are decorated bluely, as they float on bright, blue skies.

There are berries gleaming purple-blue, shining on the vine.
Roped and laced, the green and blue in beauty intertwine.

Grand is blue in sparkling song that glimmers from the sea!
Rolling waves of ocean blue that define eternity.

Lithe blue fish dart here and there in waters blue and deep,
While soft blue of the nestled lake placidly does keep

The mirrored blue of mountains on an azure-blue-sky day.
Blue sings its song eternally and never goes away.

For even in the dark of night, where stars are twinkling through,
The cloak they pierce and shine upon is made of velvet blue.