and so it goes

Shreds of coral and ruby ribbons,
Threading throughout a cerulean sky,
Silver-lined and imbued with golden,
blaze colors branding deep blue on high.

Smoldering fires of orange burning;
Embers of rust intertwining through;
Until violet captures center stage,
Melting now lavender in its hue.

Phantasmal fairy pinks subtly dance.
Their magical tiptoes dipped in wine.
With peach and rose the heavens enmesh.
Gracefully bowing, they give the sign

For glorious clouds to blaze again,
Igniting embers of tangerine,
That flame in infinite dazzling sparks
Radiating immense, cosmic scene.

In glory does it blossom on high,
This vast cathedral of blushing air,
That resonates a singular song
Honoring Sun that gifted it there.

Sky rhapsody quenched by charcoal hands
Gathering, dimming the shrouds of light;
Tucking them into its dusky grasp,
Extinguished - gently transformed into night.